Christina Burnette Sexton

Tenaciously motivated
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 7 August 2021

Hello, my name is Christina Burnette-Sexton. Since you are looking for the best of the best, allow me the opportunity to share my qualifications with you. My years of customer contact allows me to contribute my knowledge and passion within the aviation industry. I have an extensive background of various cultures. This has allowed me vast cultural awareness. I also have knowledge of several languages with complete fluency in Dutch.. I personally have high standards for service and safety with consistent attention to detail. Anticipating the individual customer’s needs is my goal to emphatically enhance and exceed all personal expectations. This includes being part of the overall team and motivating the loyalty & commitment to the ongoing development and success of the company. I am a physically fit professional with a polished appearance and demeanor. I possess a high energy level, and have experience in problem solving and complaint resolution. I am a joyful person with a gracious nature and resilient attitude. My intrinsic values and diligent work ethic allow me the ability to adapt and perform within strenuous time relevant and emergency situations. I believe in strict adherence to SOPs. My experience as a Lead Flight Attendant enables me to contribute instructor mentoring abilities. As A ground instructor I trained new hire classes in FARs, company SOPs, and emergency evacuation drills. I also performed compliance and evaluations. My teaching style is unique and that I engage with participants. I use unique methods promoting growth and possibilities. Most importantly, my overall experiences have allowed me the ability to work independently as well as part of a team. In closing, I will sincerely devote my professionalism and motivation within this position, exceeding all expectations required. I will accordingly adhere to all company mandated policies and regulations .I am absolutely willing and able to relocate in the best interests of the company. I appreciate the time and effort made to review my qualifications. I expectantly look forward to further contact from your recruiting team. Sincerely, Christina Burnette-Sexton

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Certificate @ HVVO
Oct 1989 — Jul 1991

Two years of study of Dutch culture and the Dutch language. I am fluent as I have lived overseas for 14 years in the Netherlands.

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