Supaporn Yeevijittakul

VVIP Flight Attendant experience 15 years and Commercial Airlines 11 years Multiple Languages
  • China Southern, Macao
  • 18 February 2024

I am offering my services as an experienced Flight Attendant.

I was a Purser in Air macau during 11 years, plus 14 years as VIP flight attendant in Macau Jet and Jet Asia, flying important VIPs such as:

1) Mr. Edmund Ho Hau Wah (Macau´s former Chief Executive and now Vice Chairman CPPCC)

2) Mr. Liu Chak Wan (Member of the Executive Council of Macau)

3) Mr. Lawrence Ho Yau Lung, (MELCO´s Chairman and CEO)

4) Miss Angela Leong On Kei (STDM´s Managing Director and shareholder, as well as member of the Legislative Council of Macau).

5) Miss Pansy Catalina Ho Chiu King (Shun Tak Holding and STDM Managing Director).

6) The former president of Sklovenia and several western Chairmen and CEO´s of international companies such as Herbal Life, Chanel, etc.

I am a permanent resident, having lived in Macau since 1995.

For refernces within the Galaxy Entertainment Group, please contact Mr. Charles So Chak Lum (853-6335 2318), former GEG Director of Operations since 2005; still providing consultancy services to GEG.

If you require further information or references, feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,

Supaporn Yeevijittakul

853 6298 4222

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  • Thai
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