Chiara Curatolo

Professional, Kind mannered, passionate about my job, always smiling, dedicated
  • Rome, Italy
  • 29 October 2023

Dear Sirs,


I am writing in support of my application for the Cabin Crew role, with the hope of obtaining an interview. 


I have over 3 years experience working as a part of the cabin crew and have an incredible passion for being in the skies and providing high quality service to my passengers. 


My career in aviation started at Ryanair, where I relocated to Wroclaw in Poland for almost 2 years. 


This allowed me to gain invaluable experience moving country, working with different crew and getting to work with a wide range of different passengers. 


After these 2 years I got a fantastic opportunity to work for Alitalia the main airline in Italy. 


This allowed me to build on my previous experience as well as have the opportunity to work with passengers that required a VIP approach. 


I excelled and thoroughly enjoyed providing this kind of service to customers as I always want to provide the highest level of proffesionalism, service and safety to my clients. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 I was unable to continue with this position, however I was able to join an exciting new airline in Italy Aeroitalia, where I have been since August 2022. 


This has allowed me to keep growing professionally and keep expanding my skills.


I have been lucky enough with my experience to work on different aircraft such as the B737(700-800) and Embraer (175-190). I am incredibly comfortable with change and I am happy adapting to different situations. 


I am always looking to better myself in my career in any way possible and will continue to do that in the future whether it comes to training programmes or courses as this is the best way to continue the highest possible standards and service for my clients. 

As well as being fluent in English and Italian, in my spare time I have started learning Spanish for the last 4 months to also help better my communication skills. 


I've got the chance to work with VIP costumers also when I was working as a receptionist, in a significant 4 stars hotel in Rome, Hotel St Martin, part of a big chain.


Have been dealing with all kind of clients, and I'm glad to had the opportunity to welcome very important guests from all over the world during the G8 meeting in Rome, ensuring them the best service and care, in every single detail, making them feel comfortable and satisfied in all their needs. 



I am incredibly excited about this position and would be ready to start this job as soon as I was needed, after the required 2 weeks' notice period which I would have to provide my present company. 


I appreciate you taking the time to consider my application and if you have any questions or require and information, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Hospitality @ Hospitality
Sep 2010 — Jul 2016


Cabin crew @ Aeroitalia
Aug 2022 — Current
Cabin crew @ Alitalia
Jul 2019 — Sep 2019
Cabin crew @ Ryanair
Mar 2017 — Nov 2018

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