Operation Control
  • Jeddah , Riyadh , Dubai , Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia
  • 4 November 2023

As a qualified and motivated applicant, I am eager to apply my skills, knowledge, and experience in a new job. Throughout my career, I have honed my abilities in a variety of areas, and I am confident that I can make a valuable contribution to any team that I join.
One of the key benefits that I offer is my exceptional communication skills. I am adept at both written and verbal communication, and 1 am able to collaborate effectively with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders at all levels of an organization. This allows me to build strong relationships and work towards achieving common goals.
In addition, I have a wealth of experience in project management. From developing project plans and timelines to monitoring progress and ensuring deliverables are met, I have a proven track record of successfully managing projects from start to finish. This experience gives me the ability to take on complex projects and drive them to completion with ease.
Another strength that I possess is my ability to adapt quickly to new situations and environments. Whether I am working in a fast-paced team environment or dealing with unexpected challenges, I am able to stay focused and flexible, adjusting my approach as needed to achieve the desired outcomes.
Finally, I have a deep commitment to continuous learning and development. I am always looking for new ways to improve my skills and knowledge, and I am eager to take on new challenges and responsibilities in order to grow and develop as a professional.

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Sep 2023 — Sep 2023

Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA standards

Jan 2023 — Sep 2023

According to recent research, the flight attendant job market is expected to grow by 10.2% in the next five to ten years. This trend exists because cabin crew members are critical to providing passengers with a safe, comfortable and enjoyable flight experience. This hospitality course provides students with the skills and knowledge required to work as a flight attendant or cabin crew member in any aviation industry. We begin with a brief overview of the aircraft crew cabin's responsibilities and benefits. We identify various types of airlines and outline the roles of various regulatory bodies in ensuring compliance with safety rules.
Airline cabin crews play an important role in the aviation industry so human resources managers must choose them carefully. The course describes airline recruitment and training procedures and takes you through interview formats, aviation abbreviations and airport codes to give you an edge over the competition. We explore the components of an aircraft and the cabin, crew departments, the crew members' duties and the factors that influence the weather while flying.

Feb 2014 — Nov 2014

Diploma in English on successful completion of the
Level I-Beginner, Level II-Elementary
Level III-Pre-Intermediate © Level IV-Intermediate

Oct 2012 — Jun 2013

Diploma in English on successful completion


Operation Control @ TAV Company Establishment and operation of airports
May 2015 — Jan 2020

Saudi Saudi Arabia, Jeddah • May 2015 ot October 2018
• Greeted passengers, assisted with carry-on baggage stowage, and delivered onboard announcements.
• Provided high level of customer service ot each person yb engaging customer and using active listening and efective interpersonal skils.
• Answered incoming phone cals and developed friendly rapport with calers while answering questions, making recommendations and leading conversations ot bookings.
• Informed clients of essential travel information, such as travel times, transportation connections, medical and visa requirements ot facilitate quality service.
• Prepared customer invoices, accepted payments and processed refund and cancellation requests.
• Demonstrated respect, friendliness and wilingness ot help wherever needed.
• Worked flexible hours; night, weekend, and holiday shifts.
• Proved successful working within tight deadlines and fast-paced atmosphere.
• Used critical thinkingot break down problems, evaluate solutions and make decisions.

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