Tanja Stritof

Responsible, hardworking, competent
  • MENGEŠ, Slovenia
  • 6 March 2024

I have worked on different aircrafts, in different parts of the world, for famous people and Royal family and I gained lots of experience.

  • Preparing catering menus to VIP specification and performing the meal service.
  • Set up aircraft interior, organizing laundry, as well as, on board stock and cleaning of aircraft, Ensuring uncompromising levels of hygiene and cleanliness in the aircraft cabin.
  • Maintaining flexibility at all times to meet customer needs.
  • Liaising with ground handling, meeting and greeting the customer
  • Exercising discretion at all time.
  • Experience with clientele of leading businessmen to well-known personalities, Diplomats and Politicians, Royal family members etc.
  • Most of clients are flying with families; Working experience with children, introducing them with all of kinds of entertainment on aircraft.
  • Experience with Europe, North Africa, Russian and U.S.A operation.
  • Responsible for safety and well being of passengers on a flight.
  • Work standby 24/7
  • Working experience with different cultures and nationalities.
  • Office experience as well. My responsibility was once or twice in the week, working in the office as a standby crew member with different assignments such as:

-Working experience with Operations - Calling customers, making agreements for flights; cooperation with handling service, catering service, accommodation arrangements etc.

-Working experience with Sales – selling flights to brokers, filling empty legs, flight arrangements etc.


Phone Number
  • Slovenian
Willing to relocate ?
Which area would you like to work ?
  • Europe
  • Middle East
What kind of contract are you looking for ?
  • Freelance


Business degree @ Business School Slovenia - 1999-2007
Mar 2024 — Apr 2024


VVIP Flight attendant @ 2012 Private Business Jets Abu Dhabi
Mar 2024 — Apr 2024
VVIP Flight attendant @ Air X Executive Jets GmBh
Mar 2024 — Apr 2024
VVIP Flight attendant / Lead FA @ Aviation Link
Sep 2013 — Nov 2021

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