Vincci Jaques

Extensive customer experience, silver service, tailored service. Familiar with Both Asian and western culture
  • London, United Kingdom
  • 27 July 2023


I am writing to express my strong interest in the position of Private Flight Attendant. As a highly motivated, organized, and adaptable individual, I believe that my background and skillset make me a perfect fit for this role.


Born and raised in Hong Kong, I pursued higher education in Canada, where I honed my interpersonal and communication skills. Following my studies, I embarked on an enriching eleven-year journey with Virgin Atlantic, ultimately achieving the position of Senior Cabin Crew. During this time, I consistently served business class passengers with the utmost professionalism, providing exceptional customer service on flights between Hong Kong, London, and Sydney.


My experience working with diverse, multicultural teams has enabled me to develop outstanding teamwork skills and effectively communicate with individuals from various backgrounds. This adaptability proved invaluable during my six-year tenure as a private jet flight attendant, where I catered to the unique needs of VVIPs and UHNW clients from around the world. My unwavering commitment to delivering a tailored, five-star service and keen attention to detail ensured a memorable experience for each passenger.


Throughout my career, I have gained invaluable experience working in both commercial airlines and private jet sectors, enabling me to seamlessly navigate the nuances of Western and Eastern cultures. As a self-sufficient individual, I can effortlessly transition between working independently and collaborating with a team.


Language proficiency is one of my strongest assets, as I am fluent in both Cantonese and English and possess professional-level proficiency in Mandarin. I am confident that my linguistic abilities will contribute to the exceptional service I aim to provide.


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  • Hong Konger
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  • Europe
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Bachelor degree, Economics @ York University
Sep 1999 — Jul 2002


VIP flight attendant @ Execucrew Ltd
Jun 2016 — Jun 2021

Providing exceptional, personalized and luxurious customer service, ensuring the safety of passengers, and coordinating with various stakeholders to ensure a seamless private jet flight experience.
 Completed multiple tasks to meet clients' requests within a limited time in both familiar and unfamiliar cities.
 Organized celebration parties on the flight for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, and Halloween.
 Researched, sourced, and purchased personal items for clients.
 Provided safety and unique customer services, including silver service, to VVIPs/UHNWs/entrepreneurs/government official.
 Customized menus for clients, taking into account their culture and personal preferences to create a tailored dining experience.
 Collaborated with the Air Force of a country to ensure smooth and safe flights for the President and other government officials attending important conferences, such as APEC
 Coordinated with various people from around the world, such as pilots, hotel staff, airport staff, catering staff, and executive assistants.
 Extensive experience providing exceptional customer service on both Asian and Western cruises, catering to a diverse clientele from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Italy
 Arranged transportation and hotels with colleagues and airport ground staff.
 Organized domestic and international client entertaining events, as well as grand openings and exhibitions.
 Conducted inventory checks of both the storeroom and aircraft.
 Completed flight reports after each flight and submitted reports on expenses, incidents, inventory, and training records.
 Stayed up to date with all regulations and requirements of the destination before each flight.
 Maintained the cleanliness of the cabin, ensuring that all safety and first aid equipment were functional, and restocked the aircraft before handover/next flight.

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